IT Consulting and Security Services

IT Consulting and Security Services

As an online company, we understand the significance of system and network security. Besides, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

What Would You Choose?

Scenario A
You’re staying late at work, collating some data for tomorrow’s meeting when you look on helplessly through the window and watch as someone bypasses parking garage security, breaks into your car, steals your audio system and navigation unit, and, just for good measure, fills your gas tank with a bag of sugar.

Scenario B
You sit comfortably in your office knowing your vehicle is in good hands as an advanced security system detects suspicious behavior outside of the garage, reports activity to local authorities, and, for good measure, regularly monitors neighborhood trends to alert you of increased criminal activity in the area.

At Level2Designs, we treat your network like your vehicle in scenario B, proactively scanning your system for anomalies and vulnerabilities from spyware, malware, and suspicious email content.
Oh, did we mention that we also provide top-of-the-line assistance with firewalls, access control, email security, and perform regular security audits?
Services we provide:
PCI Audits
PCI Remediation
Access Control
Physical Security
Cisco ASA and FirePower IPS